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Why You Need a Proactive Marketing Strategy


Most businesses understand the importance of marketing. The problem is that most businesses don't have a proactive marketing strategy. They wait until they need new customers before they start marketing, and by then it's often too late. You must understand [...]

Why You Need a Proactive Marketing Strategy2022-08-01T14:31:38-07:00

Mafia Mondays #4: Narratives to Follow


Aave stablecoin, privacy narrative, and Alt-L1 szn round 2? David Gil and _zmike Builders are building. This week had multiple new launches that will likely all play a notable part in the next bull cycle. This week we cover: Aave launches [...]

Mafia Mondays #4: Narratives to Follow2022-08-01T14:28:00-07:00

Mafia Mondays #3: Bailout Szn


David Gil and _zmike Crypto bailouts, Goldman enters crypto, Solana cellphone, and Bancor collapsing? Weekly Round-up This week in Mafia Monday’s we dive into some massive developments in the space as well as some key strategic protocol decisions that could start a [...]

Mafia Mondays #3: Bailout Szn2022-08-01T14:21:25-07:00

Mafia Mondays #2: The Zhu-percyle is Over


David Gil and _zmike 3AC's blow up, it's effects on crypto, macro outlook, and... Sam to the rescue? Weekly Round-up If you missed last week’s Mafia Monday’s and haven’t been on Twitter lately, we highly recommend skimming the Celsius section. TLDR — It’s still over, but [...]

Mafia Mondays #2: The Zhu-percyle is Over2022-08-01T14:11:43-07:00

Mafia Mondays #1: Weekly Newsletter


David Gil and _zmike First edition of Mafia Mondays keeping you up to date with the hottest stories and best pieces of information in crypto. Weekly Round-up Well, it’s over. Celsius disabled withdrawals, staked ETH is losing peg, and the devs over [...]

Mafia Mondays #1: Weekly Newsletter2022-08-01T13:59:30-07:00

How to Improve Your Company’s Reputation


Your company’s reputation is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your reputation is what drives customers to your business and establishes your company as trustworthy. In order to improve your company’s reputation, consider the following tips. Create [...]

How to Improve Your Company’s Reputation2022-06-24T10:10:44-07:00

How Your Business Can Punch Above its Weight


Especially for small local businesses, staying afloat can feel like a fight for your life. Staying competitive with the larger business competitors is a constant struggle, especially when they have more resources than you do. However, there are steps you [...]

How Your Business Can Punch Above its Weight2022-05-02T13:05:40-07:00

Stablecoin Wars? Bull Case for Near + $BTRFLY most undervalued coin? | DeFi Mafia Podcast


In this episode: This week on the DeFi Mafia Podcast we discuss the stablecoin wars. Is Near launching their own stablecoin? Is UST going to survive? Plus why Redacted Cartel ($BTRFLY) might be the most undervalued project in crypto right [...]

Stablecoin Wars? Bull Case for Near + $BTRFLY most undervalued coin? | DeFi Mafia Podcast2022-05-02T13:02:34-07:00

Important Elements of a Successful Business


Millions of new businesses are created every year, but just as many businesses are shut down as well. Every business wants to be successful, and many of them have great products that would fill many clients’ needs. However, they never [...]

Important Elements of a Successful Business2022-04-03T19:13:38-07:00
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