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In this episode of MGR Unplugged, Manuel and David go over some of the startups and marketing headline news from the last few days.

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In this episode of MGR Unplugged, Manuel and David go over some of the DTC Brands making headlines in the last few days.  Some of the topics covered include:
Startup Growth at all costs: Is it the end of an era?  There are multiple examples in the news these days of companies that are unprofitable, yet they are planning on going public or are already public.  WeWork, Zume Pizza, Casper, Uber… But investors are starting to look more thoroughly at the balance sheets too and questioning valuations.
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Barstool Sports (sports betting) in talks to be acquired by a Casino company. One more example of how attractive media companies have become these days.  In this case, Penn National Gaming, a casino operator, may be soon closing the deal to acquire Barstool Sports.
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Facebook’s next move. Is Facebook planning to create its own version of Shopify eCommerce store front?  It’s a rumor.  It’s on Twitter.  Will it become a reality?  Time will tell… but it makes sense.
Google launches Google Travel with added features to make it an all encompassing platform for everybody’s travel plans.  Who benefits from this latest addition and who is not so happy about it?
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Apple’s ITP keeps making tracking more difficult for advertisers. Intelligent Tracking Prevention was introduced by Apple to its own Safari Browser in 2017 and since then, it’s been a tug-of-war between Apple and third party browsers and advertising platforms to work around the third party cookie limited lifespan.
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