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eCommerce Support

Need Tech Support for your e-Commerce Application? Choose from single-incident support or a subscription plan valid for a single store/URL only).  If you need to book a Product/Software Training Session (over the phone or on site training), please use the form on our Website Support Page.  MINIMUM TRAINING SESSION IS SET AT 2 HOURS. After  purchase of your Training Session, an MGR representative will contact you to schedule your session




Normal* Urgent* 3-month* 1 year*
Store setup consultation and assistance check check check check
Diagnosis and resolution of PHP and MySQL errors check check check check
Diagnosis and resolution of HTML and CSS related problems check check check check
Consulting on minor design adjustments in templates/CSS files check check check check
Consulting on minor adjustments in PHP code check check check check
Troubleshooting check check check check
Patch application by support team
Support requests included 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Security patches audit Email for quote  check check
X-Cart installation** Purchased separately check check
  USD 125 USD 150 USD 995 USD 1,995
Payment Options


Languages: English & Spanish
Business Hours: 09:00-17:00 MST (Mon-Fri)

Normal, single-incident process:
Actual response time depends on the amount of support tickets in the queue. Guaranteed response time is one business day. Inquiries should be submitted via or our web-form or emailed to

Urgent, single-incident requests:
In case of Urgent requests ticket the response time is 2 hours. If the urgent issue is created during non-working hours of the support department, it is processed in the beginning of the next working day.

Services Not Covered By Support***

  • Data migration
  • Custom development
  • Custom SEO
  • Web design
  • Template integration
  • Development support
  • Support for 3rd party modifications
  • Software upgrades
  • Performance issues

* Payment is made in advance of service of single incidents and for the whole subscription period at once.

** Advanced Services are not included into the regular Installation Service price and may involve extra charges.


The following tasks are not included into the regular Installation Service price and may require extra charges

Issue category

PHP, MySQL installation
Apache web server installation/configuration
High Perfomance NginX web server installation/configuration
Transfer of an existing X-Cart store to a new host
Moving data from an existing site to your new e-shop
Installation of 3rd party web software on your server, e.g. forums, content management systems, photo galleries, etc.
Secure email communication setup (if you are going to accept credit cards and process them manually)
Security setup: HTTP authorization, security of administrator email notifications, store administration zone access limitation, etc.
PHP/MySQL/Apache upgrade/optimization, X-Cart optimization
SSL certificate installation

Technical Support Service Terms of Use

  1. Technical assistance and consulting are provided according to the MGR Consulting Group General Services Agreement
  2. Technical support requests are processed according to the above service costs.
  3. When a new issue is reported in a currently open ticket, the issue may be moved to a new ticket and processed separately for an additional fee.
  4. Sales questions, questions related to custom development of NEW projects, general questions NOT requiring technical consulting or assistance, quote requests — are serviced free of charge.
  5. To find out how much your technical support request would cost, email us first. We will estimate your request and provide you with a preliminary cost for your support request. The support team will not start working on the ticket until you confirm the cost.
  6. If you have no active technical support subscription, your technical support request may remain unanswered for more than one business day or a subscription to the technical support services may be required.