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Email Marketing

Watch our video that shows the 6 reasons to consider Email Marketing as your primary marketing tool.

But not all Email Marketing campaigns are created equal. It is important to create Emails that will achieve a higher penetration –open rate- by properly matching your customer database with the products that they are interested in.

How can Email Marketing Boost Your Sales?

Email Marketing has one of the Best Returns on Your Investment

Compared to Direct Mail, Email marketing is a much more cost-effective way to reach out to your customers and prospects. No printing costs, postage costs, and the much more interactive nature of the actual Email, make it the preferred marketing tool in everyone’s arsenal.

Track Your Results, Who Reads it and Who Responds

Email Marketing allows you to track who opened your email, which links they clicked on, whether they forwarded it to a friend, which addresses in your database are no longer valid, as well as a variety of other metrics. All of these reports are just one click away. Each campaign can be fine-tuned as needed based on the previous campaign results.

Extremely Quick Turn-around Time

We all know that in today’s competitive environment, you can’t always plan all of your campaigns, advertisements and promotions ahead of time. When the opportunity is there, you need to act fast! With Email Marketing, you can have your message designed, programmed and sent out to your customers in just a few hours. And all without leaving your desk!

MGR offers you extremely flexible Email Marketing Packages no matter how large or small you database is or how many Emails or Newsletters you plan to send each month.

Interested? Contact Us by completing the RFP form and we will get back with you shortly to discuss your particular Email Marketing Program.

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