MGR Consulting Group Kicks Off the Summer with a New Refreshing Website


I have to admit that we’re always so busy working on clients’ projects that we have very little time to update our own marketing materials. Yet, I really wanted to give our main MGR Agency website a new fresher look that truly reflects the types of projects that we work on for our client on a daily basis as well as the full range of services that we provide.

At MGR we always emphasize that our main goal is to make our clients happy while we make sure that our team is also always happy working with our clients. Plain and simple. We want to eliminate any elements that may cause any type of “friction” during the production process. Friction comes in many different ways. It may be a logo that was provided to us in the wrong format; when that happens, we’ll find the right logo for them. Or it could be finding the right picture for a print ad; we provide a selection of pictures for our client to choose from. Or writing the copy for a Blog article or monthly eNewsletter. Again, if we can alleviate our clients’ work load and provide them with a few extra minutes of free time so that they can go home early and play with their kids, we’re happy to do that anytime. We know what our clients want, we know how to get it done and we simply get it all done for them.

We want our clients to feel that when they trust MGR with their projects, they are enlisting an entire team of producers, designers and programmers that will work as hard as needed to make sure that in the end, we not only deliver your project, but we also deliver happiness.

But above all else, I wanted the new website to reflect our MGR Lifestyle. We truly enjoy what we do. Every project is a unique adventure. We get to work with a fantastic group of clients and friends on a daily basis. We’re proud of every project that we deliver, whether it be a small banner ad or a multi-media marketing campaign. We want our clients to feel that when they trust MGR with their projects, they are enlisting an entire team of producers, designers and programmers that will work as hard as needed to make sure that in the end, we not only deliver your project, but we also deliver happiness.

Over the past few months, we’ve launched a number of MGR branded websites that reflect the type of work that we create and our philosophy towards constantly developing unique and interesting marketing tools for our clients. If you’re not familiar with them, here’s a quick summary:

MGR-Responsive-MicrositesMGR Lounge ( Rather than having a “Client Portfolio” section on our main website, we wanted to create a dedicate website to showcase some of the cool things that we do. Yes, “cool” is the right word since most of the projects displayed on MGR Lounge are very unique in their own way. From Interactive Maps, to Mobile Web Apps, Infographics, Responsive Microsites, Explainer Videos and a lot more. I recommend that you visit MGR Lounge from time to time, and chances are, if you’re one of our clients, you may see your own project displayed there.

MGR-WebBook-SamplesMGR WebBook ( Our MGR WebBook™ has become so popular, that we decided to create a stand-alone website for this particular product. Not only are all of our WebBooks responsive and fully compatible with all desktop and mobile devices, but they are also extremely flexible, easy to produce and even easier to update. Catalogs, brochures, menus, sales kits, photo albums, presentations, legal contracts, and pretty much, any multi-page document that you’re currently hosting on your website as a boring and slow to download PDF document, can be converted to a WebBook right away. When you realize how few visitors read your PDF documents because they just take forever to download, you will want to convert them to a WebBook right away!

MGR Blog ( Although MGR Blog launched just over a year ago, the truth is that in this short time it has easily surpassed our main MGR Agency website in traffic by a mile! What started as a very informal medium for me (MGR Owner, Manuel Gil del Real) to write just about anything that I feel like, has now become a great source of information for a variety of articles, from the latest SEO marketing trends, Social Media updates, self-improvement articles and every now and then, my own lifestyle experiences. I really have a lot of fun writing for the blog, and you can rest assured, that my main goal is and will always be to help other readers improve their quality of life, both professionally and personally. I’ve always said that if I can only help or inspire one person with each article I write, that would already inspire ME to continue writing and sharing my own thoughts with everyone in the future. If you don’t have time to read the blog, simply contact me, and I will add your email address so that you can receive our Monthly MGR Blog Digest with the top articles from each month. That way, in one single email, you can see and decide which article/s may be interesting for you each month.

I hope you enjoy working with MGR as much as we enjoy working with you! Until next time, this is Manuel Gil del Real (MGR)

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Manuel Gil Del Real is the owner of MGR Consulting Group, an Interactive Marketing Agency providing marketing solutions to companies worldwide. He’s also an auto racing enthusiast and a blog author who enjoys sharing his thoughts and ideas on eCommerce, SEO, Social Media, Website Design, Video Marketing Internet Marketing, entrepreneurial advice, lifestyle and travel experiences among many others.