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MGR Platinum Video Program

The best option if you don’t have an existing video for distribution and you need one created for you. For videos up to 3 minutes long. (longer videos will be quoted separately)

Provide us with a script outline of what you want the video to communicate, images, logos, music or any narration that you want to include. Our team will generate all the necessary infographics and screen call outs as well as edit the complete video. No filming of raw footage included.

  • We will edit in the necessary intro and outro screens and CTA with your logo and contact info
  • We will equalize the audio to eliminate room noise and mismatched audio levels.
  • We will create one custom video thumbnail.
  • We will upload the video to your YouTube account and enter the most appropriate tags, title, description, and video time-frame highlights to attract more people and allow them ease with viewing certain parts over.
  • We will write bullet points (video highlights) and make a full word for word transcription which will be posted on your website as a draft for you to check and publish
  • Your YouTube video will then be syndicated (posted) to your Website, Facebook fan page, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest accounts.
  • We Bookmark your post and YouTube video
  • We write a custom press release related to your video and distribute it to a reputable online PR distribution service ($400 value)

Content and Information that you will Provide

  • Access to the Social Media Channels that you want the Video posted to.