How people plan a trip from beginning to end

A few days ago, I wrote an article about the new and improved version of  Google Travel – How Planning Your Next Trip is Now Easier Than Ever.  The new platform adds new features such us helping travelers find the best timing for their trips, best places to stay as well as how much they can expect to pay.  In other words, with so many decisions to make, the new version streamlines your trip planning needs by consolidating the prior Google Flights, Google Hotels and all other features into a single platform… and Online Travel Agencies are not too happy about it.

The study below is a follow up to travel data based on how travelers plan their trips.  It just proves ones again that when it comes to travel, the path to purchase is full of twists and turns. Google’s travel insights help illuminate the why and how behind trip bookings.

There is a range of reasons why people across the globe are inspired to book trips.







To convert inspiration to bookings, businesses need to ensure they meet travelers’ needs




Even after completing a booking, many travelers continue to research and find inspiration.




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Source: Think with Google