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MGR – Corporate Branding

Every brand has a story to tell.  A journey to share with new customers hungry for a new experience.  And when those customers engage with the brand, a magical thing happens!  We want to tell your story, map your journey and make magical moments happen for your brand.

The goal of every company is to reach out to as many potential customers as possible;  this is for the simple fact that the more people learn about you, the more likely they are to do business with you. However, considering how competitive the market can be, not many businesses manage to achieve their goal of reaching as many customers.

The most important element when it comes to branding is consistency.  Our goal is to find those unique elements that represent who you are so that your customers will engage with you in a meaningful way.  Being consistent in branding creates brand recognition. This is what enables you to reinforce your brand. Regardless of the number of channels you are using to promote your brand, you must always make sure that you are consistent in your branding strategy.  It’s about creating and maintaining the emotional connection between your products and services and your customers.

Our team’s expertise will work with you to materialize your brand’s vision and create a graphical, visual and strategic way by which your company will be represented.

Branding can create an immediate visual and emotional communication with your audience, and represents the way in which a brand wants members to perceive its company, products and services. Our creativity will shape your brand’s vision, strategy, identity, experience and member interaction.

Ritz Carlton Flyer

Our team can develop a wide array of branded materials for your company, including:

  • Logo Design / Identity Kits
  • Brand Standards Document
  • Print Materials and Collateral Assets
  • Large Format Ad Design (Billboards, Banners, Video Boards)
  • Digital Marketing Design (Banners, eMail Marketing, Web Elements)
  • Photo Retouching
  • Social Media Channels Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Proposals Design
  • Copy writing
  • Marketing-Sales Kits, Brochures Design
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