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Amazon Keyword Search and Listing Optimization

Properly placed keywords that are relevant to your products and category selection is one of the keys to running a successful store on Amazon. Keyword optimization is also a moving target.  Keywords that seem to perform well for you today, may not perform so well in the future for a number of reasons: product demand, popularity, competitors using the same keywords, or search trends variations, just to name a few.  This is where our team of experts at MGR excels.  Because we manage a number of digital marketing campaigns through major channels such as Google Ads, Facebook Business, or Bing, we already know the keywords that rank well and those that don’t.

We use the most accurate keyword analytics tools to find your product’s best performing keywords. Through our analytics software, we day-trade consumers’ attention to “buy or sell” the keywords that will generate the highest ROI for your store.  The process is ongoing.  Product titles and descriptions are always optimized, key benefits are highlighted in various ways, and comparison charts can be added to put your product ahead of your competitors.  Our only goal is to increase traffic and conversions for you month after month.

Digital Marketing/Amazon Advertising Agency

If organic keyword search optimization is important, its paid counterpart in the form of sponsored ads or product display ads is what truly adds sales to your bottom line.  Unfortunately, not all digital marketing campaigns are equal, and we’ve heard from way too many clients disenchanted after going through their marketing advertising budgets, only to see a negative ROI for their campaigns.

This is not a game to let amateurs play with your money.  At the end of the day, we don’t care so much about how many impressions our ads get, but how many conversions and sales they generate.  It’s more about clicks and sales, it’s more about proper bid amounts that provide your products with a good ranking without affecting your bottom line.  It’s about developing your brand with a long term vision so that more and more shoppers will look for your brand and your products will sell by themselves in the long run.

Our digital marketing platform run sophisticated machine learning algorithms that are capable of not just analyzing your past performance, but also anticipate the types of adjustments and updates that will provide a better result in the future.  We analyze search queries, keyword popularity, keyword match types, bid amounts to help your products rank higher and overall, analyze enormous amount of data directly from Amazon’s insights to increase conversions and boost your sales.

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Amazon advertising currently offers the following options to promote your products:

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands: This option allows advertisers to promote their products or brand to make it even easier for customers to discover and purchase products on Amazon.

Sponsored Display: This allows sellers to retarget customers who viewed listing pages on third party sites, as well as target audiences potentially interested in a seller’s product.

Display ads:  With the use of display ads, you can reach relevant audiences on Amazon and third-party sites and apps using customizable brand or e-commerce dynamic banners.

Video ads: Our MGR team can create custom branded video ads to help you tell your story.  The video ads will run on Amazon’s trusted channels including IMDb, on exclusive Amazon devices such as Fire TV or Fire tablet, and across third-party sites and apps.

Amazon Store Design Samples

Stores:  Now, whether you’re a vendor or a seller, we can create your own mini-website including a custom branded URL to showcase your store on Amazon.  Use Amazon’s audience drawing power to attract new customers to your brand and let your branded store tell your story and display your product portfolio.  A real effective way to increase your sales exponentially.

Amazon DSP:  Amazon’s newest version of its demand-side platform allows us to advertise your products via programmatic advertising.  We can create and reach custom audiences created just for you on Amazon sites and apps as well as through Amazon’s direct publisher relationships and third-party exchanges.  What is best is that our MGR team can also manage, optimize, and report your programmatic campaign results in conjunction with your regular monthly performance reports.

And speaking of reports, MGR’s complete reporting package includes monthly campaign reporting, retail insights, and third-party reporting.  Your dedicated account manager will discuss the reports with your team each month to go over the impact of your campaigns and optimize marketing strategies to continue achieving positive results.

Amazon Cross Platform Marketing/Customer Matching Techniques

How do you benefit from the variety of potential customers that have come to know about your brand and your products through various marketing channels such as Google, or Facebook, or Email Marketing, or Amazon searches?  The answer is through a sophisticated customer match program.

Since few small businesses have the capacity for such time-intensive and complex work, MGR’s Digital Marketing Team takes care of all the correct audience targeting and research for you resulting in placing the right ads in front of those customers with the higher probability of converting at the lowest possible bid.

Our “Intelligent Match” program provides higher conversion rates without wasting ad spend on ‘tire kickers’ with low or no intention of purchasing at any particular time.  And this is just the beginning. Our Market Intelligence project is loaded with experimental techniques to intercept buyers and leads before they are lured by other marketing giants… and it keeps progressing week after week.

In sum, you can’t control what your competition is doing or how much they spend, where, how, etc. but you can always control how you run your own marketing campaigns… and by the way, your competitors can’t control what you do either.

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All MGR Paid Digital Marketing Managed Services Include:

  • Creating and setting up definite ad accounts with Amazon Advertising
  • Research of the most relevant keyword phrase(s) that best describe a client’s products.
  • Creation of a targeted keyword rich ad copy for client’s campaigns based on client input
  • Budget management and Campaign Estimator based on campaign length
  • Weekly Maintenance and Adjustment of all Campaign Elements
  • Personal account managers
  • Detailed campaign analysis and reporting on a monthly basis
  • A change of campaign focus as required based on seasonal, financial and other factors

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