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Amazon Store Service Packages

Are you ready to start earning more income than ever before? Why not let Amazon do the selling for you? Our custom Amazon Service packages include the production of turn-key Amazon stores, from inception to completion. The list of features is long but here are a few highlights.

Now you can take advantage of eCommerce features, including:

  • Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer with over 153 million page views every day.
  • Sales support, customer service, shipping, and fulfillment via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service for orders.
  • Direct availability of your products in the US and Canada.
  • Amazon’s North American presence will allow you to gain new customers that you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own.
  • Amazon’s marketing strength will promote your products including search engine PPC, product remarketing, and product recommendations based on your customers’ previous purchases.
  • Use Amazon’s system to create special pricing and promotions – customizable discount coupons, gift certificates, quantity discounts, wholesale pricing and special offers. **
  • Take advantage of discounted shipping rates with Amazon’s UPS partnership (Over 25% off!).
  • Simple accounting thanks to Amazon’s bi-weekly payment plan and Amazon’s sales tax features.
  • Save merchant gateway fees since Amazon will cover those as part of their FBA program.

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Ready to get started? Let MGR Consulting Group set up your Amazon store. All done for you. Here’s how we make it happen:

1. You select the package that best fits your needs.
2. We will contact you with the details that we need from you, such as product information and pricing.
3. Once we receive your information, we proceed to set up your Amazon store and list your products with proper keyword optimization and selling points.
4. We arrange the shipment of your products to Amazon’s designated fulfillment centers for you.
5. We set up your preferred billing method for Amazon transactions. This is the account that Amazon will use to bill you for the shipment to their fulfillment centers as well as to pay you for your product sales. All payments are made via electronic funds transfer.
6. You will be able to preview your new Amazon store before it goes live.
7. Your store goes live!


If You Are Interested in Creating an Amazon Store, Please Choose one of the Packages Below:


Perfect for businesses looking to get started with Amazon’s FBA Program.

Includes store creation and listing up to 5 products on Amazon.

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Great for businesses who want to grow their online revenues boost sales with Amazon!

Includes store creation and listing up to 10 products on Amazon.

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If you’re a business looking to create a large Amazon presence, this is the package for you.

Includes store creation and listing more than 10 products on Amazon.

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Add MGR Premier Consulting for Just $139/hr

Add MGR’s Premier Consulting to your Amazon FBA setup for any additional consultation that you may need. We can set up one-on-one phone consultations or Skype calls at your preference. We will work with your team to provide you with your specific questions and insights so you can get the most out of your store and advertising budget.