MGR – Premier Consulting

Add MGR Premier Consulting for Just $145/hr

Add MGR’s Premier Consulting to your existing marketing program for any additional one-on-one consultation that you may need. We can set up online meeting consulting sessions, screen sharing or Skype calls at your convenience. We will work with your team to provide you with answers and recommendations as it relates to your specific questions and insights so you can get the most out of your advertising budget. 

Your dedicated MGR Account Manager will work with you to provide individually customized insights and personalized training to help you tackle the challenges of paid advertising and reach your goals.  No need to struggle trying to optimize your ad text, landing pages, product information or bids. MGR’s Premier Consulting will guide your decisions towards a fully optimized marketing campaign.

With MGR Premier Consulting you get:

  • Marketing, Branding and Campaign guidance

  • A dedicated Project Manager assigned to your account

  • Consulting on the call in any area of your account including

  • Google Ads assistance

  • Bing Ads assistance

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads assistance

  • Amazon Store assistance

  • Campaign creation

  • Location targeting

  • Landing page optimization

  • Account restructuring

  • Keyword research assistance

  • Ad copy review & strategy

  • Click-to-call assistance

  • Bid management & recommendations

  • Open Q&A during your session

Add MGR Premier Consulting