MGR Digital Marketing Campaign Management

MGR PPC Managed Services is based on a variable flat monthly service fee plus a percent of your monthly paid search spend. MGR’s Managed Services are for accounts spending at least $2,000 per month/per channel on Digital Marketing (AdWords, Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Level Monthly Advertising Spend Cost Structure
Tier 1 $2,000 – $5,000 $700 fee + 10% of spend
Tier 2 $5,001 – $10,000 $1,500 fee + 10% of spend
Tier 3 $10,001 – $25,000 $2,500 fee + 10% of spend
Tier 4 $25,001 – $50,000 $3,500 fee + 10% of spend
Tier 5 $50,001 and above $4,500 fee + 10% of spend

All MGR Paid Digital Marketing Managed Services Include:

  • Creating and setting up definite ad accounts with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Facebook
  • Research of the most relevant keyword phrase(s) that best describe a client’s product/service
  • Creation of a targeted keyword rich ad copy for client’s campaigns based on client input
  • Determination of niche markets that a client may be able to tap into
  • Budget management and Campaign Estimator base on campaign length
  • Weekly Maintenance and Adjustment of all Campaign Elements
  • Personal account managers
  • Detailed campaign analysis and reporting on a monthly basis
  • A change of campaign focus as required based on seasonal, financial and other factors

Add MGR Premier Consulting for Just $145/hr

Add MGR’s Premier Consulting to your campaign management for any additional consultation that you may need. We can set up one-on-one phone consultations or Skype calls at your preference. We will work with your team to provide you with answers and documentation as it relates to your specific questions and insights so you can get the most out of your advertising budget.  Learn More >